mission-extracreditRaley’s is committed to infusing life with health and happiness.   Our Extra Credit program invests in our future through food literacy and sustainability, while creating the next generation of healthy eaters.  As a Something Extra member, every time you shop at your local Raley’s, Bel Air Market or Nob Hill Foods now through June 30, 2019, our Extra Credit program will fund Wellness Education grants that support programs which foster wellness for schools and youth throughout our company footprint of Northern California and Northern Nevada.

This grant program allows accredited K-12 schools, school districts, and homeschools that demonstrate compliance with all current California homeschool laws and regulations to apply for funding once per school year.  These programs will help students understand where their food comes from.

Raley’s awarded almost $600,000 in grants this spring to more than 60 schools and school districts.  Some examples of the grants include:
*  sustainable gardens, where students get hands on experience growing fresh produce and learning about the nutritional benefit produce provides in the classroom
*  refillable water stations that promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity
*  programs that enhance nutritional content of food served at school
*  curriculum materials for professional development
*  programs that promote culinary arts, agriculture, food hospitality, food production and/or basic food science principles (STEM)

Raley’s commits to spreading wellness through our schools in the regions in which we serve.  Grant amounts will be determined based on size and scope of the project proposal being submitted.  The Wellness Education Panel will consider the following:
*  number of students impacted
*  commitment from school and school support system
*  level of school involvement

There are two cycles for grant funding:  Spring and Fall.  Applications may be submitted online here  during the time frames indicated below.

Spring cycle:
Applications are accepted January 1 – February 16
Wellness Education Panel review begins February 19
Notification of funding decision will occur by April 2

Fall cycle:
Applications are accepted July 1 – July 31
Wellness Education Panel review begins August 1
Notification of funding decision will occur by September 30

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For questions about the Extra Credit Wellness Education grant program, please contact community@raleys.com or call (916) 373-6068.

For questions about your Something Extra account, please contact service@raleys.com or call (800) 925-9989.