Sustainable Partnerships

For us, sustainability is about making a difference in our community. It’s about being happy, healthy and well—for many years to come. We are excited to promote sustainability in partnership with SMUD’s Energy Education & Technology Center and Community Solar Program as a lead sponsor of the 2016 Tiny House Competition—Build Small and Win Big, a new competition in the Sacramento region that challenged collegiate teams to design and build net-zero, tiny solar houses.

The Competition

The event was held at Consumnes River College and open to all colleges and universities in California. Participating students applied leading ideas in energy conservation, energy efficiency, green building and solar technologies to their tiny house designs. An educator or other school administrator mentored each team and helped students design and build energy-efficient houses in the two years leading up to the event.


During the competition, students exhibited their houses to the public, judges, and the media. The categories of the competition included architectural design, livability, communication, affordability, energy efficiency and balance, appliance load, electrical and mechanical systems, transportation, sustainability, and documentation. Teams were awarded trophies and monetary prizes. Click this link to see the 2016 winners and their designs!